Tea Leaves and Sand

Day 01
Arrival / Colombo
When you arrive in Sri Lanka, take a taxi to a hotel near the international airport. After your flight, unwind and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.
Day 02
Colombo / Kandy
Continue your journey into Sri Lanka's tea-growing hills. You could appreciate the "Tea Experience," which includes a tour to a plantation to see the process, beginning with the plucking field, where it all begins with the picking of "two leaves and a bud" and ending with the factory, where the processing begins.
Day 03 & 04
Kandy / Koslanda
From Kandy, we will journey on to Koslanda where you will be engulfed by the mists and the enchantment of the hills. Temperatures in Sri Lanka's hill country are comparable to an early English summer's day, and you may go hiking, cycling, canoeing, or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings.
Day 05 & 07
Koslanda / Galle
Cut through the hills to the coveted Galle Coast, which has become Sri Lanka's most fashionable beachfront district due to its closeness to the old 16th-century Galle Fort. When you can tear yourself away from the beach, explore the ancient fort's tempting array of boutiques, art galleries, and artisan shops.
Day 08
We hope that you had a wonderful time seeing Sri Lanka at its finest, and we bid you goodbye with a heart full of memories.
Package Highlights
  • Sunbathe on Sri Lanka's Galle Coast while experiencing the stirring peaks of the hill highlands.
  • Explore the ancient Galle Fort's art and artisan boutiques.
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