Sri Lanka’s Animal Kingdom

Day 01
Arrival / Chilaw
It takes around an hour to get from the airport to the northwestern seaside town of Chilaw. If you arrived early in the morning, you may relax for a few hours before visiting the neighboring Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary, an unique eco-system of coastal landscapes, mangrove forests, and freshwater reservoirs. This area is a refuge for animals, particularly bird species.
Day 02
Chillaw / Wilpattu
A half or full day expedition at Wilpattu national park is an appealing way to begin your wildlife vacation. Wilpattu is one of Sri Lanka's oldest and quietest national parks, as well as one of its most attractive — a place to rest and absorb the surroundings before the joys that await. Your main goal will be to find leopards, but you may also encounter elephants, water buffalos, jackals, sloth bears, deer, and monkeys in the Wilpattu National Park.
Day 03 & 04
Wilpattu / Bobilella (Kandy)
You can then travel to the Knuckles Mountain Range, which is located east of Kandy, the hill-country capital. The "misty mountains" of Sri Lanka are named from their resemblance to the knuckles of a clinched hand. Trek through deep forests and small communities, listening to the relaxing sounds of flowing rivers and tumbling waterfalls. Barking deer, mouse deer, wild boar, gigantic squirrels, and monkeys are all possible sightings.
Day 05
Bobilella / Gal Oya Eco Lodge
Today, you can go even farther east to Gal Oya National Park, which is located in an even more secluded portion of the island. Your two-night quiet eco hideaway is located over a 20-acre woodland bordered by Gal Oya National Park and Senanayake Samudraya, one of Sri Lanka's largest lakes. This lake is home to vast herds of elephants: take an evening boat safari and, as the sun begins to set, watch elephants swim between the reservoir's little islands.
Day 06
Gal Oya National Park
You may start today with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the Veddas, Sri Lanka's aboriginal people. This is one of the few remaining Vedda households, whose ancient lifestyles clash with the modern way of life. On this nature walk with Gal Oya'sVedda chief, you will see hunting weaponry, observe honey gathering, and listen to songs spoken in their indigenous language. A one-of-a-kind look at a fading civilization. Finish your day with a late-afternoon wildlife drive in the park, which is home to elephants, water buffalo, deer, crocodiles, and other bird species.
Day 07 & 08
Gal Oya National Park / Yala National Park
Yala National Park is one of the island's largest and most popular parks, and it is home to the most diverse species in Sri Lanka. It has one of the world's densest leopard populations, but don't expect to see thousands of them roaming the park — there are still less than fifty in this region. Yala is also home to elephants, sloth bears, sambar deer and spotted deer, wild boar, crocodiles, monkeys, and buffalos, as well as a vast range of birds. Safaris at dawn or dusk are good times to visit since the animals congregate around the waterholes.
Day 09 & 10
Yala / Tangalle
Stay near Rekewa as you begin your journey down the south coast so that after dark you may visit the Turtle Conservation Project in Rekawa to observe the wonderful process of sea turtle nesting. Globally, all seven species of sea turtles are endangered; five of these seven species nest in Sri Lanka. The 'turtle watch' is an exceptional opportunity to see this endangered animal's spectacular nesting ritual without interfering with its natural mating behaviors. On your second day, take a beach break.
Day 11
Leave the remoteness of the Deep South behind and travel to Sinharaja, Sri Lanka's last pristine rainforest stretch. Prepare to be amazed as you journey through this strange forest, which is so different from the rest of the island that it's difficult to realize you're still in Sri Lanka. Sinharaja is bursting with life from top to bottom, and is overrun with dazzling exotic colors. Make your way through this sweltering wilderness (leech socks encouraged!) to the weird, melodious backdrop of gushing waterfalls, gurgling streams, and rustling foliage.
Day 12, 13, 14
Sinharaja / Mirissa
Beach time – and you have plenty of alternatives as you spend your last three days lounging on the golden sands of the South Coast or the Galle Coast and soaking up the sun. Set off from MirissaHarbour on your second morning in search of whales and dolphins — the seas along Sri Lanka's southern coast are home to sperm whales, spinner dolphins, and even the great blue whale. Visit Galle Fort or go snorkeling, sailing, sea kayaking, or take a surfing class.
Day 15
It is now the end of your beautiful wildlife tour. We bid you goodbye and hope you will return soon!
Package Highlights
  • Trek via the daring Knuckles Mountain Range.
  • Elephants may be observed swimming between the Gal Oya National Park's islets.
  • Sea turtles may come ashore to nest on Sri Lanka's south coast.
  • Take a boat ride to spot whales and dolphins.
  • Yala National Park is an excellent location for a safari and camping under the stars.
  • Look for tropical birds in Sinharaja Rainforest.
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