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Tired of lockdowns and being trapped in one place? Ready to get your travel shoes on and travel to breathtaking places in Sri Lanka? Then Ravo Leisure is the ideal choice for you!

The new norm of travel is here now. We have adjusted to travel in a post-pandemic era and we are ready to keep pushing on despite the times that we have been through. Ravo Leisure is ready to put you back on a plane and fly you to Sri Lanka to have the best time of your life.

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of magnificent beaches, rain forests, charming villages, hill country tea plantations, centuries old ruined cities, emerald green paddy fields, fascinating cultural traditions, spectacular pageants and festivals, spicy, exciting cuisine, and so much more, despite its small size of 66,000 square kilometers.

All of this is housed on a small tropical island whose people have earned a well-deserved reputation for warmth and kindness.

Why Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka a variety of cities across the island provide the discerning traveler with a host of opportunities. From cultural events to historical sites, from intriguing trails across mountains to lazing on sunny beaches, Sri Lankan cities are an exciting venture that should not be missed.

The beautiful beaches of Passikudah and Kalkudah are charming picture postcard destinations on the east coast. In the south Kataragama, dedicated to the Lord Kathirkaman, is the city of gods and it attracts Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims by the dozen. Jaffna in the north, with its rich culture and history, is home to the Tamil speaking population of Sri Lanka and has distinct traditions as well as cuisine.

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the Ancient Kingdoms of Classical and Medieval Sri Lanka, are symbolic of an era of kings and queens, dynasties and dogma. Nuwara Eliya is a hilltop city with tea plantations, colonial bungalows, horse races and golf tournaments, reminiscent of English weather and life in Colonial Ceylon.

Mirissa is the city to see whales while Kalpitiya is a favourite for Dolphin viewing. Numerous wildlife parks and nature sanctuaries provide wildlife enthusiasts with the adventure of a lifetime. The list goes on and the cities continue to tempt and tantalize travelers with their stories, their sights and their distinct personalities.


Being part of the exclusive leaders in Sri Lanka's tourism sector by the year 2024; as well as being recognized for the quality of our services and the contribution that we make to the development of our country.


Serving our customer, searching their entire satisfaction and providing touristic services of quality, committing to the social, cultural and environmental reality of our country.

We should be at the top of your shelf in your consideration for a travel agency as we are always measuring our success through the heightened customer satisfaction. Relationship quality is an important concept that attempts to measure the lifetime value of a customer. The indicators that determine the construct are satisfaction with the relationship, the customer's trust and the customer's level of commitment. We aim to deliver the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Our tailor made packages are just for you to realize how great your experience can be with Ravo Leisure.

We have taken note of solitary travelers and their travel habits. That is one of the reasons why many have begun with new packages designed exclusively for such persons. So no more spending thousands of rupees on a backpacking trip. No matter how good of a trip planner you are, there are always things you will miss, especially if it is the first time you are visiting such a place. However, when you travel with Ravo Leisure, who make trips every month, you get a different experience. Simply let go, explore, and enjoy the sights with all-inclusive assistance from Ravo Leisure!

For your extreme convenience, we have introduced our very own Sri Lankan tailor made packages for you to plan your best vacation to reap the optimum results! A tailor-made vacation is fully personalized to you. It is crafted to your needs, interests and budget by a local travel expert. And because we are tailor-made trip specialists, it fits you perfectly, like a bespoke suit. A tailor-made trip truly is a dream trip. You get to do everything that you want, your way. We take care of all the organizing, saving you the stress. But you remain in full control of the planning process, from start to finish. You liaise with our team of travel experts, who is your main point of contact. This expert not only looks to secure the best options available, but also to save you money by seeking out preferential rates for activities and accommodation.

For us, as a company, it is very important that the information provided to our customers is honest and true. This value is, what makes us different and helps us to make decisions based on firm and true facts. With a personalized travel itinerary, you don’t have to spend any of your vacation time planning where to go or what to do next. And you don’t need to worry about missed connections, transfers or tourist scams.. With a local expert’s knowledge and your own private guide, you can gain a deeper insight into local culture.

We have many years of experience of helping you to successfully plan your next adventure. We have built a team that works result-orientated; unifying talent and give-and-take to respect and join different opinions, knowledge, and abilities because teamwork and mutual support build the foundation of our relationship. We connect you with hand-picked local travel experts who know your destination better than anyone else, because they live there. We take pride in offering the same level of quality, fact-checked authority and assurance on our booking platform as you can find in our guide books.